• John has been in Real Estate for decades, sold over $20,000,000 of New York City Coops, and another $7,000,000 in Pennsylvania homes. He understands buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience - for you, not John. He can help.
  • John's business philosophy is simple: clients come first. "After that, the uncomplicated notion of treating people as I like to be treated is an excellent starting point."
  • "I measure my success by the satisfaction level of my clients. Sounds trite but it's true - for me."
  • This man is a traveler. "Well, my wife is. So I became one! We've lived in PA, AZ, Germany, Korea, and now in VA.” He’s visited Shanghai, Sidney, Melbourne, and the Amalfi Coast. John has seen Paris and Pompei, Geneva and Venice (Italy), and another 67+ cities, towns, and regions in Europe, Asia and Downunder.   
  • "I am thrilled with the education my 12 y/o son gets at Basis Independent McLean. By the way, Basis is an amazing STEM-focused private school, with a rigorous academic program, where bright kids can excel. And they do. https://mclean.basisindependent.com/
  • I love to sail. You can count on me to hit 100+ on any golf course. Lately, I've had to master other athletic skills. I am certified to belay, which is essential since my kid loves climbing. We go to https://sportrock.com/. Check them out. I'll go for 25 miles rides any day the temperature is at least 61. The W&OD trail is terrific. See https://www.novaparks.com/parks/washington-and-old-dominion-railroad-regional-park 

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